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Our Story

Reynolds Armory is owned and operated by Ashton Reynolds, a US Army veteran,  and true Texan.

Being gifted his very first gun by his grandfather and mentor in life, his love of firearms and gun-smithing started early on. Through high school years, it was a hobby and while serving in the military, his interest in guns had grown.

After active duty, naturally, he indulged in collecting firearms and ammunition, as any thriving second amendment rights enthusiast would come to do.

When Ashton isn't working full time making chemicals for semiconductors for a booming company in Texas, he can be found riding for B.A.C.A., spending time with his family, in his gun room reloading ammo, or at his shop.

This generous individual, who is a brave, protective, a kind hearted gentleman, and a down to earth guy is always welcoming to all who just want to come in and learn, talk "shop" or just casually hang out among like-minded people.

He hopes to provide central Texans with a place that will allow the people to shop, trade, receive services, learn about gun safety and above all, freely exercise their second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.    

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